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MOTA MAX Air Savage Avanti Park Skate

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The MOTA MAX Air Savage Avanti Park Skate is a Superior Park Skate package with the best boots and specific plates/trucks/wheels for the business of Park skating – at a Super Great Price too!

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MOTA MAX Air Savage Avanti Park Skate!

The Boots: MOTA MAX Air Savage
No one makes boots like MOTA. Period. MAX is the newest addition to the Savage lineup. Max Savage high-top – the choice boot for rinks, roll dance/bounce, parks, bowls, roller derby, fitness, boardwalks and recreation at an unprecedented price. Ultra-lightweight and highly responsive composite outsoles. Loaded with features. Max boots high-performance, high quality, extreme comfort out of the box and will last for years. All boots with Savage outsoles are fully loaded with One-piece shell technology (Flex-Fit) that wraps the foot & adjust to heel widths, and doesn’t stretch or breakdown. Also included; latex heel lock, toe protection, little to no break-in period. These key features help maintain lateral support and overall fit for the life of the boot. PLUS All of the Savage models have unique built-in mounting template make mounting very fast and accurate.


The Plate: SURE-GRIP Avanti + NEW Park Series 3" trucks!

The Avanti 10 degree double action plate is built to last by one of the best respected names in the roller skate industry. The Avanti Aluminum Plate perfectly pairs with the new Sure-Grip Park Series trucks, both polished aluminum. Included are Sure-Grip medium super cushions with matching cushion retainers, 4 conical and 4 barrel along with a pair of standard toe stops. The Sure-Grip Park Series truck is the first-ever roller skate truck designed from the ground up specifically for park skating! The unique 3” (2-7/8") wide truck shoulder is the perfect size for grinding while not setting your wheels too far apart. The truck sits slightly higher than a standard truck which allows for more kingpin clearance than anything on the market! Made in the USA from Prime grade material and machined in house.

Grind Block for Avanti Plates – just what you need for the SkatePark!
Designed and produced in house by Sure-Grip International in California, U.S.A.  Offering you the best quality product at an affordable price. Specially designed to work with both the Avenger and the Avanti plates sizes 4-9. Made from a material called UHMW, this special material is superior in every way and was chosen for this specific grind bar for its unique properties that make it ideal for grinding or sliding in the skate park. No product on the market even comes close!

The Wheels: ANABOLIX Catapult 101A Park wheels!
ANABOLIX is a small family skate business that is revitalizing the iconic VANGUARD FANJET urethanes from back in the day! ANABOLIX Catapult wheels are the newest member of the ANABOLIX Skate wheel family and are speically designed for Skate Park use with a hard 101A compound! The Catapult park wheel is modeled after a classic skateboard wheel formula and altered to work with quad skates, the Catapult is a unique choice for ramp and bowl skaters!

The Complete Setup:
• Superior fit, lightness and price/performance advantages over anything else comparable with the MOTA MAX Air boots!
• Superior plate and Park specific trucks  – quality U.S.A. built by Sure-Grip a real plate making company and one of the oldest in the business!
• Superior 101A Park wheels by ANABOLIX - revivers or the best urethane in the skate business! :D


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MOTA MAX Air Savage Avanti Park Skate

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