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Back instock! BOOMERANG Performance Outdoor Speed Wheels 83A Set of 8!

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Set of 8 BOOMERANG Premium Performance Outdoor Speed Wheels

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Set of 8 Firm BOOMERANG 70mm x 30mm Premium Outdoor Speed Wheels with nylon hubs. A narrower wheel than most other outdoor wheels which helps when switching back and forth from your usual Derby wheels. Labelled 78A but are actually more like 83A. A very nice performance outdoor wheel withouth the 'marshmellow' feel of some softer compound outdoor wheels - especially if your weight is 175 lbs.+l!

 • • NOTE: These are now back instock! :D


Sunday, 06 August 2017
I confess I am a bit of a speed demon, but I am unwilling to sacrifice agility. I used to preach the gospel of Atom Road Hogs everywhere I went, but after falling in love with Radar Diamonds for indoor skating, I had a hard time going back to wide wheels in the summer. I have found my mate in Boomerangs, which have all the speed of Road Hogs with the agility of Diamonds. I have compromised stability to gain agility, but as an advanced skater, stability is no longer my concern. As well, although these wheels are listed as 78A, they roll much more like 84-85As.
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BOOMERANG Outdoor Wheels

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