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MOTA MAX Air Savage Boot

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MOTA MAX Air Savage high-top – the choice boot for rinks, jam, parks, bowls, roller derby, fitness, and recreation at an unprecedented price! This premium Super-lightweight quad boot gives you awesome performance AND is over 30% lighter than leather and most all traditional soled quad boots!

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MOTA MAX Air Savage Boots!
No one makes boots like MOTA. Period. MAX is the newest addition to the Savage lineup. Max Savage high-top – the choice boot for rinks, roll dance/bounce, parks, bowls, roller derby, fitness, and recreation at an unprecedented price. Ultra-lightweight and highly responsive composite outsoles. Loaded with features. Max boots high-performance, high quality, extreme comfort out of the box and will last for years.

All boots with Savage outsoles are fully loaded with One-piece shell technology (Flex-Fit) that wraps the foot & adjust to heel widths, and doesn’t stretch or breakdown. Also included; latex heel lock, toe protection, little to no break-in period. These key features help maintain lateral support and overall fit for the life of the boot. PLUS All of the Savage models have unique built-in mounting template make mounting very fast and accurate.


Exiting the traditional way of making quad boots was a personal requirement for founder, Doug Glass. Knowing the fact quad boots were made the same his entire life, the risks were high. However, with over 20 years of carbon fiber and nylon composite manufacturing experience it was a risk he was willing to take. His decision to introduce a new style of product with features not available through traditional manufacturing was easy.

Mr. Verducci and Doug Glass were the first to design a high-end nylon inline racing boot back in 1999. The goal was to have a boot that could perform like carbon but be much more cost effective. Even back then they could see the direction of inline racing and the problematic cost of high-end equipment increasing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, they were unable to bring the product to market as planned due to a partnership fallout. Another brand picked up where they left off and still continue to successfully sell nylon inline race boots today. Over the course of the years it has become clear that nylon racing boots will never replace carbon at the very elite level. A few important reasons nylon will not outperform carbon for inline or ice speed boots is the rigidity, weight and mold-ability.

The most important lesson learned through inline development is – IF done correctly – Nylon composite outperforms carbon, fiberglass, leather or any other hand laid-up resin cloth materials as a quad/roller product. Quad boots are significantly different than an inline boot, it’s important to have lots of flex in the counters as to keep all 4 wheels on the ground at the same time while pushing through the turns. Your boot essentially remains up and down while your ankle needs to lean in the turns. It’s imperative to have counters that support but flex with you.

This is what makes Savage so unique. The upper wraps the foot like a glove, the one- piece outsole with built-in counters encompasses your foot while flexing to every move you make (Flex-Fit). With nylon unlike any other traditional quad boot we can control the counters and sole stiffness. Our soles are rigid but not so stiff they rattle your teeth and counters that flex with you out of the box and don’t breakdown. UNHEARD of in traditional design.

By having an external heel, we can make the soles thin, maximizing the perfect amount of sole flex and rigidity. Even more important is we were able to reduce weight significantly. Savage models are nearly as light as any carbon boot and in many cases just as light. Over 30% lighter than leather and most all traditional soled quad boots. As a bonus feature you can use no heel, 5MM or 7MM. The standard is 7MM but it’s nice to have options (depending on application use / preference) without having to invest in another boot.

All of the Savage models have unique built-in templates on the sole making mounting as easy and accurate as 1-2-3.



MOTA MAX Air boot features:

  • Anatomically shaped collar for maximum mobility and agility.
  • Barefoot Fit: A unique fit that allows the toes to rest comfortably while skating
  • Heel Lock: Built-in by design, comfortably hold your heels in place
  • Power (Ankle) straps: Adjustable, replaceable
  • Lightest in its class – Light as Carbon
  • Use: Dance, rhythm, jam, roller derby, parks, lifestyle
  • Outsole: Savage Nylon Composite
  • Upper Material: Microfiber
  • Liner: Microfiber
  • Model: Max high-top
  • Color: Black


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Mota MAX Air Savage Boot

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