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Last 8-Pack! FASTER DETROIT Skate Factory FlyWheel Dual Durometer 88A/92A

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DETROIT Skate Factory Single Component Flywheels are 35% lighter than their multi component wheels with pitch perfect polyurethane hubs designed for strength and cornering!

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Detroit Skate Factory (Formerly FASTER Wheels, Texas, U.S.A.) is driven to engineer and create roller skating products designed to stand the test of time, wheels reborn from the iconic Vanguard FanJet urethanes with dual durometers built in for exacting performance! We love to skate ourselves and know what it feels like to be on wheels that compliment your skills perfectly and reward all the hard work you put in to your skating. We want to maximize your ability to get the best combination of grip, roll, responsiveness and control on any surface. Above all, well, we just want you to go Faster!


  • High rebounding Vanguard urethane for superior roll, control and grip exactly when you need it.
  • Dual-durometer pours to maximize grip, speed and edging - while eliminating the need for pushers.
  • Italian hub design manufactured in the US. The DSF poured-in polyurethane hub has gone through a dozen design iterations, culminating in pitch perfect geometry to execute tight cornering, fast speeds, and precision control.
  • A technologically designed complex curve lip on the Skinny Dipper wheels, for the perfect snap and push from your outside edges.
  • The beveled lip allows you to put the brakes on your slide. Controlled tight edges and direction changes.
  • All components are 100% made in the USA from the highest quality materials. The wheels are hand pressed in Austin, TX.
  • DSF is 100% female skater owned and operated and is owned by Sarah Hipel, Team Canada and formerly of the Texas Rollergirls.

The DETROIT Skate Factory FlyWheel Single Component Wheel Lineup:

BACK by Popular Demand!! Blue/White - Grippiest formulation!!
Dual Durometer: 88A Blue + 92A White

Purple/White are perfect for a secure feel on slicker floors, without giving up the speed factor, and without the guesswork of “pusher wheels”. The 90A gives you the grip when you need it, while the 94A does away with unnecessary fatigue from overly sticky wheels.
Dual Durometer: 90A Purple + 94A White

Red/White allows speed and agility to play the same game. The 92A allows you to control your edges, and the 96A provides sweet break and slide making it the perfect wheel for high speed footwork across a variety of surfaces.
Dual Durometer: 92A Red + 96A White


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FASTER FlyWheels Single Component Wheels

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