Roll-Line PANTHER LIGHT 95A 55mm Professional FreeStyle Wheels

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Set of 8 PANTHER Light 95A (Like North American 101A) 55mm Professional FreeStyle Wheels

The PANTHER LIGHT 95A 55mm Wheels are the Tight Grip of the ultra Light Weight, hi-end, Professional FreeStyle Wheels available from Roll-Line. The PANTHER LIGHT was introduced at the 2007 World Championships in Australia and became an instant favorite. Roll-Line has reinvented the FreeStyle wheel giving it properties that are normally not achievable in one wheel, Tight Grip and Super Roll. Roll-Line based the design on that of the Low Rider Tire concept. Large Hub and a Smaller, Thinner Tread, and produced one of the LIGHTEST, TIGHTEST, and BEST ROLLING FreeStyle wheels available. The "LIGHT" FreeStyle wheels are very durable and will withstand the extreme abuse a FreeStyle Skater can dish out. Roll-Line has developed the Hub which is incredibly Strong, very Light, and with extremely Close Tolerances for Roundness, Trueness, and for the Cage where the Bearings and Spacers are mounted. The Roll-Line Tread is a Cast Urethane BiCompound Formula, which provides Tight Grip, without the tire compression that is normally associated with a wheel this tight. The lack of tire compression, along with the thinner tread, mounted on the Roll-Line Hub, is what provides the INCREDIBLE ROLL. The PANTHER LIGHT 95A (Normal grip) 55mm Wheels are for skating surfaces with a standard amount of grip. The hub color identifies which hardness the wheel is: White Hub = 95A. (NOTE: EURO 95A is like North American 101A) Set of 8 Wheels.

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