If you are unsure of what size to order, follow these instructions to measure your feet. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your measurements and we will be able to help you select a proper size. If you have any questions about sizing please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for FAST personal service or call 1-855-765-5752

MOTA Skate Boots

Follow the MOTA Sizing Chart which is based on your foot length and has equivalent measurements for the US and EURO size. The US sizes are generally equivalent to Mens US sizes. Please send in you actual foot measurements and if possible a tracing of your feet so we can best advise on which size to order.
Click Here for the MOTA Size Chart

Dominion Roller Skate Boots

Choose what you normally wear in good snug fitting running soes, or if you have had experience with a particular size in Dominion rental roller skates that fit well with little to no foot movement – go with that – (make sure to note whether it was a mens or ladies Dominion rental skate at the rink!) Dominion fits a little narrower at the toe than some newer models but they generally do fit true to size (mens and womens sizes) with a little extra toe room.

CRAZY Skate Boots

CRAZY is measured in EURO sizes, they generally fit according to your EURO size and/or the US equivalent according to their sizing chart. (NOTE: The measurements indicated on the chart are the length of the actual insole, your foot should measure approx. 4mm less than the insole).
Click Here for a CRAZY Skates Size Chart

JACKSON/LUIGINO Roller Skate boots + PILOT Plates

Click Here for a JACKSON/LUIGINO +PILOT Plates Size Chart

BONT Quad Roller Skate boots

Click Here to Determine Your BONT Boot Size

RIEDELL Roller Skate boots

If you need help in determining your Riedell size, follow the Printable PDF below (Click on the link or the image for High Top or Low-Cut styles) and refer to the Video Instructions below. Please CALL 1-855-765-5752 before ordering so we can doublecheck and make sure you get the right size :D


Riedell Roller Sizing Guide High Top Boots ImageButton


Riedell Roller Sizing Guide Low Cut Boots ImageButton