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We LOVE ROLLERSKATING! ...and have been Skating for over 40 years! started out as an idea around 2003 and finally became an online presence in 2005 as a Roller Skating fan site with all kinds of skating and rink information, a Buy and Sell section, and an active GuestBook serving Roller Skaters all over Ontario with often very 'lively' conversations about the sport we are all so passionate about! :D The community was South Western Ontario based and we connected with skaters in London and area, west to Sarnia, Cambridge/Kitchener, Hamilton/Mississauga and all over the GTA. Back then Roller skating was a bit of an oddity, off the beaten path so to speak! But many of us were super passionate about it and had been skating since the 70's and 80's, the last Super revival of the sport. The community was tight, skaters are like a family that come together at the rink, we all basically knew each other and we all travelled to our various local (within 2-hour) rinks and into the US, primarily Detroit and Buffalo. We were the ones that carried the torch through somewhat lean years in the sport, and later witnessed the next revivals in the sport, beginning with modern flat track Roller Derby in 2005-2006, and now the current new wave Super Revival once again on the recreational skating side, thanks to events like Covid, social distancing rules, Celebrities, Tik Tok, Instagram, people are once again Super passionate about the sport and are flocking in droves!

In 2006, was an official 'Media' outlet covering the first ever Modern Flat Track Roller Derby bout in Canada, The Hammer City Slam in Hamilton, Ontario. Back then, the whole thing was just getting started. We owe a BIG Thanks to the Roller Derby movement which has added tremendous spark in fuelling the revival of roller skating! Once Facebook became an everyday part of our lives, the online world became much more accessible and many more skate pages and groups emerged so we decided to turn what we had started which was local, social and informational into more of a national commercial project, filling a much needed void in providing the gear – roller skates, parts, accessories and the expertise all across Canada via mail order through our new online ecommerce webstore! Built on a strong Customer Service foundation, we have served thousands of avid skaters young and old experienced pros and rookies alike, in every part of Canada, all over the U.S. and many countries Internationally!

Today Roller Skating is definitely back! Over the last 10 years, we've seen so many movies, music videos and commercials that have featured some aspect of Roller skating, not to mention the explosion in social media which has really brought to light the whole skating scene globally – to many that didn't even know it existed! Whatever your entry point to roller skating is, recreational, dance, derby, speed, rink skating – Indoors or Out – Roller skating is a very cool and healthy lifestyle choice and its's here to stay!! :D

We LOVE Helping Skaters …and helping put a smile on your face :D!
Our part in this mission remains the same; to be focussed on helping skaters find their Enjoyment in the sport! We're in a unique spot here in Canada, being in the skate scene and skate industry, longer than most, we have tremendous depth of practical and industry knowledge and associates; a great network covering all the disciplines in Quad Rollerskating! Great advice given freely on skates new and old, how to properly fit and maintain your skates, how to select the right plate and set-up your skate on a custom boot or shoe with correct mounting materials and techniques. Wheels, bearings, etc. etc. We talk about this stuff all day long :D ! Feel free to ask us any questions regarding about roller skating or the gear you're thinking about – we always respond quickly with FREE knowledgeable advice!!

Email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your Premier Destination for Roller Skating Products in Canada ...TRUSTED ONLINE IN CANADA SINCE 2005!!