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Dawn July 2016

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help! I received the skates yesterday just in time for my daughters bday.... She loves them! And they fit great! Thanks again!"  Eric July 2016

"Just had - hands down - the best ecommerce experience ever with ‪@rollerskatin_ca‬. Couldn't be happier! ‪#kudos‬ ‪#customerexperience‬ ‪#derbylove‬"  Stephanie (via Twitter @ShanksYa) July 2016

"Awesome! I can't thank you enough - she will be thrilled."  Bridget July 2016

"Thanks for your help, and business! Looking forward to some more hard hits on my knees, only this time with some protection :)"  Jennifer June 2016

"The new skates arrived and are perfect. Thanks for everything!"  Jason June 2016

"She loves her knee pads and wrist guards, and they won their game surely due solely to our purchase."  Sherington May 2016

"Tony thank you so much for all your help and kindness. I cannot wait to try my skates!"  Marilu May 2016

"Got it yesterday, thanks that was fast :)"  Louis May 2016

"I just got my Bont Hybrids today. YAY!!! I'll keep you excited!"  Kathy May 2016

"Thank you for all the info today, you've been incredibly helpful!"  Elena May 2016

"Yay Tony! My skates are here! Size is just right!! Thanks so much!"  Lisa-Anne April 2016

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time yesterday. We love our skates.
 I am very sure we will be doing business in the future.
 I have already given your card out to few friends who are looking to possibly buy skates. : )"  Susan March 2016

"My daughter loves, loves these Jr. Bonts. Thanks money well spent!"  Nadine February 2016

"Thanks for all the help. Great customer service!"  Denise February 2016

"Love Tony is very quick to respond and will work one on one with you to make sure all of your roller skating gear is safe, fits right and he has the cutest tee shirts!"  Fran February 2016

"Thank you so much for your quick response! I really appreciate all your help."  Raquel February 2016

"Thanks for the advice on sizing! My skates fit perfectly and came super quick!"  Nadine February 2016

"I am super stoked about my skates. Thank you Tony."  Dawn January 2016

"Hi Tony, just want to tell you my son loves the skate bag that I got from you and the bearing press is great too (will save me a lot of time when I clean my bearings)."  Jim January 2016

"They arrived and they're fantastic! Thank you! They're replacing my very hard ridden skates. Can't wait to hit the track with them tomorrow night!"  Jill January 2016

"Thanks so much, these gloves are awesome!"  Matteo January 2016

"Thank you so much for your help. We have received the roller-skates on Friday. They looked and feel amazing."  Janina January 2016

"Thank-you for the info. They seem to fit super well! So pleased!"  Lisa December 2015

"Thanks a ton...merry Xmas to you as well!"  Paul December 2015

"Package received - thank you so much!!!!!!"  Laura December 2015

"Thanks Tony. Everything arrived as ordered."  Rick December 2015

"Hi! Got them today, went in no problem! Can't wait to try them at practice tomorrow. Thanks again!"  Miranda November 2015

"Woohoo! Awesome! 
And thank you! You've been so helpful with my order. I'll def purchase from you guys again."  Heather November 2015

"Got the package already, thanks for the speedy service!"  Wolf November 2015

"Just got the tracking details. Just wanted to say thank you for all your time on this fairly small purchase. Your customer service is awesome!!! I think ill be keeping your site bookmarked for my Adonis Fix. I will be picking up the blues and greens in the next few months. Thanks again for everything!"  Amil November 2015

"So I feel really silly because I went home last night and it was at my place. I thank you for your patience with me. Can’t wait to get all my gear on tonight and hit the rink!"  Jennifer October 2015

"Thank you so much for all your help!"  Zoe October 2015

"Just received our first order from Extremely pleased with this company; he called me back within an hour on a holiday weekend and then followed up to ensure the order was correct. He also included a few extra goodies in the order! We will be back!"  Fran October 2015

"Great !!! Thanks !! so happy !!"  Jennifer October 2015

"I really really appreciate you going and taking the time with all of this. I will definitely keep ordering with you guys just based on this interaction. Super impressed already. Talk to you soon!"  Anita October 2015

"They just, they got here fast! It's like Christmas in my living room :D  My son LOVES the GT wheels. He says "thanks and that they are "really cool"!  He said he liked them so much he was going to "save them" ?!?! I razzed him about it, telling him that "that made no sense at all!" I said he just did want to pull the bearings out of his other wheels. LOL He likes both pairs of skates. For now, he can't decide which skates he prefers, says he has more room in width on the 103's but an the other hand he likes the support of the higher boot. So, you found a 13 foam insole and apparently a size 13 high boot with the aluminum plate. How cool is that! Thanks for getting those to us! Did I miss anything? kinda felt like a "Where's Waldo" game trying to figure out what those new surprises were. :D"  Lydia September 2015

"Thanks Tony for the quick reply, now to convince her to stick your website decal on the back of her helmet :)"  Robert September 2015

"We received our skates and everyone is thrilled! Thank you again for all your work on this group order!"  Jenn September 2015

"Awesome! You are the best!"  Dena September 2015

"Received everything. Love these ezeefit ankle things.. where were these years ago when I was figure skating!.. I used to cut up socks to protect my ankles.. I'll be using this for hockey as well they are so comfortable!"  Haley September 2015

"Amazing!!!! Thanks so much!"  Miranda August 2015

"I received the skates the other day and they are gorgeous so I want to thank u for sending them out so quickly!"  Vania August 2015

"Ordering these skates for my daughter's 6th birthday on Monday. I had asked a friend of mine to point me in the right direction and she referred me to you. You guys are awesome. My daughter has her heart set on roller skates and it makes me happy to know that she'll be getting exactly what she asked for. I really appreciate the help."  Jeffrey August 2015

"Thank you so very much! You've been so awesome with helping me and answering my questions!"  Lydia, July 2015

"They arrived today, won't get to skate in them until tomorrow (well I couldn't resist a spin in the dining room!). Feel pretty comfy‎ so far...  I'll be sure to put a good word out there for you as usual :) Thanks again!"  Tanya, July 2015

"They are a perfect fit, so I took them for a spin today and am very happy. Thanks again for the terrific service!"  Robyn, July 2015

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your help with my skates. They fit perfectly and I am so happy I don't want to even take them off. People want to know where I got them so I gave out your website at the rink tonight. You might be getting some more business from Milwaukee! I might even want to get another pair! I do have a question about wheels. At some point I may want to buy some grippier wheels. These are so smooth and slippery which would be perfect if I were a better skater!  Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks again! You're the best!!"  Jackie, June 2015

"They are PERFECT! Thank you!"  Terri, June 2015

"Just wanted to say Thank You for my awesome new skates and knee pads!! Fit great and so comfortable! Your awesome! (And all the girls are jealous now...ha!)  Thanks again :)"  Lindsay, June 2015

"My wife is loving those Venus plates you mounted to her Antiks! Way smoother and more responsive than her Dynapro but still totally controllable. Thanks again for all your help!"  Jeff, June 2015

"I really appreciate all of your help! I've been in a panic trying to figure what to do, and my coach recommended that I check out your site. I'd never heard of it before, but I'm really pleased with the service and the prices. Thank you so much!"  Kathleen, May 2015

"IT SHOWED UP TODAY :))))  I will be forever loyal now. I bought my wheels in the USA and will never ever do that again. You have a customer for life. Thanks so much! Such amazing service!"  Chantelle, April 2015

"Thanks again for all your help/patience Tony! Cheers!"  Tim, April 2015

"Loveeeeee my wheels !!!!!! And of course my pink skate tool!! Thank you for getting them to me so fast. YOU ROCK.....roll bounce :)"  Liz, April 2015

"Thank you Tony, great price and service as always!"  Tanis, March 2015

"Fantastic!! You rock!!! Saved my butt!!"  Vanessa, March 2015

"THANK YOU!!!! I am so happy you guys were at our game last night. Thank you for helping with my massive wheel malfunction last night."  Heather, March 2015

"I am so excited thank you for your help Tony!"  Beth, March 2015

"Fantastic. My skates are amazing! They fit perfect and are really comfortable. Thank you so so much for all the help!! I really really appreciate it! So pumped!"  Jolaina, March 2015

"I love the DBX5 Roller Skates I got from my family for Christmas! What a surprise, best gift ever! We are currently working on molding to fit, thanks to the video on the Crazy skates website, it is easy. What a great skate, thanks for all your help, my husband really valued your opinions and advice. Thank you and Happy New Year!"  Angele, December 2014

"Got my first set of skates today in over 25 years and love love love them. Fit dead on and cute as a button. Very fast shipping. Thank you!"  Liz, December 2014

"Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you, wheels work great, a little sticky, but that’s ok, helps me grip better when I’m flying around a corner - cannot wait to see the look on my kids face when they see their light up wheels!"  Danielle, December 2014

"Hey there, just emailing to Thank you again for your fantastic service, looking forward to dealing with you in the future!"  Brad, December 2014

"Got everything today. Looks good! Thanks!"  Susan, December 2014

"Thanks so much for getting the skates to us quickly! They arrived in time for my daughter's birthday and she is thrilled. She skated to school today and I think she may have started a craze. My son wants some too, so I'll be ordering again!"  Melony, December 2014

"Thanks! I'm going to have one very happy kid! I'm sure she will wish they were pink, but she'll have to learn how to deal with it if she is going to be a derby Queen!"  Melony, November 2014

"I got my skates first thing in the morning Thursday. They're awesome! They fit perfectly!"  Craig, November 2014

"Received the wheels today - Thank you very much! I hope he likes them they look great!"  Barbara, November 2014

"Thanks so much for all your help and patience!"  Kristel, October 2014

"Thanks for working with me, You've been ever-so-helpful!"  Terry,  October 2014

"OMG they are awesome!! I can't believe it they are so nice!! The wheels roll and roll and roll and roll with one spin. That's how we use to judge a good wheel and these wheels rock!! We just got home from skating, they handled amazing! Very quick to respond. We are so happy with the investment of many years of fun!Karen & Tim,  September 2014

"Got the wheels today and already have them on my skates. Just need the rain to stop now ;) Thanks for a great service. I'll pass on your cards to my cousins. You should set up shop in England. With such a good service you'd do well. Thanks once more.Louise,  September 2014

"I can't believe how good the wheels are (Turbo 101A), thank you for the suggestion!Mike,  September 2014

"I just want to say thank you for going above and beyond to get my pads to me :). Your efforts are truly appreciated!Meg My Day,  August 2014

"Best customer service ever!!! Thank you so much for your help this morning at D2 Playoffs!!Amy, Boulder City Bombers,  August 2014

"I received my wonderful roller skates this morning. They fit perfect!! Took them out down a path near my place and it was just so awesome!! Just wanted to let you know! Thanks!!Lise,  August 2014

"Got my skates today :) thank you so much..can't wait to try them out on sunday.  Thanks again for all your time and great service!!Sandra,  July 2014

"Hey!! Just a note to let you know i received my gear and it all fits!!!! Wish me luck!Darka,  July 2014

"She LOVES her new derby pads we got from you!Barb,  July 2014

"Just got the wheels this morning!... I thought I wouldn't be able to roll this weekend... great surprise!! Thank you and have a great weekend!José,  July 2014

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