INSTOCK! Ezeefit Anti-Friction Ankle Booties

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Ezeefit Anti-Friction Ankle Booties Helps protect your feet from rubs and blisters! Choose the newest version EZEEFIT SKINS if you need to hide the colour under a sock!

Ezeefit Ankle Booties! 
Originally designed for the speedskating industry whose athletes have extreme footwear friction issues this product was created to reduce or eliminate blisters. Designed to fit snugly under a thin sock or alone instead of barefoot. Perfect for Roller Derby! ...or for any sport that is taxing on the feet including: rollerskating, inline skating, cycling, hiking, hunting, rock climbing, equestrian sports, skiing, snowboarding, soccer and dance! Great, form fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties available in three thicknesses so you can choose the one that enhances your specific fit. Ankle Booties allow your foot to grip your footwear better, yet offer protection from rubbing and blistering. These have been described as a cross between sockless and wearing socks... really the best of both worlds! Features flatlock stitching for durability and stretch. Comes complete with 2 booties.

• The ultimate blister solution
• Acts like a second skin
• Creates a friction barrier
• Great performance wet or dry
• Washable and reusable
• Wear barefoot or inside of socks
• Sold in pairs

Choose from 4 thicknesses:

EZEEFIT Ultrathin:
Ultrathin is the best choice when no additional padding is necessary. Made of custom stretch Lycra® with a memory core. Approximately one millimeter thick. Takes up minimal space in footwear. Simply pull on and go!  Proprietary bonded Lycra. For custom or tight fitting boots

The newest ankle bootie Ezeefitskins™ is marginally thicker (.087mm) than our Ultrathin material, but is considerably softer and has much more stretch. It also has a microfiber interior (logo goes on the outside) which feels like silk against your skin. The new Skins material also provides a bit more padding than our current Ultrathin material, yet takes up no more room. EZEEFIT SKINS come in a light grey color which disappears under a sock.


Provides light padding and forms to your feet after wearing. Soft micro-fiber lining grips skin. Fills gaps in loose footwear to help stop heel lift. Simply pull on and go!

Available in black only in X-Small, Small, Medium or Large. 3mm is the thickest protection and is suitable for use with loose footwear or problem areas. Soft micro-fiber lining grips skin. Recommended when heavy protection is needed. Simply pull on and go!

EZEEFIT Size chart 5


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