INSTOCK! Blue or Pink CRAZY Adjustable JOEY GLO Scooter!

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The JOEY GLO Scooter by CrazySkates with Light Up wheels features a height adjustable T-Bar and graduated turning control so you can choose the stability suitable to the age and ability of the rider!

CRAZY Skates JOEY GLO Scooter!
The JOEY GLO scooter is an upgraded version of Crazy Skate's popular JOEY Scooter. Available in 2 awesome colours, this scooter features two illumin8 LED Light Up flashing wheels when you ride that make the adventure even more exciting!

The Joey GLO is a feature packed scooter that includes:

Performance Riding Deck featuring

  • CrazyTECH Deck Design featuring steel reinforcement for durability, riding performance and extending the life of the product

  • Low Profile Design for Stability, making it easier to learn to ride

  • Anit-Slip Deck with customized Grip Tape and textured raised grip strips

Adjustable Assisted Steering 

  • Features 3 easy adjusted assisted steering settings [LOCK - SEMI - FULL]

  • Fast, Easy 3 second adjustment 

Height Adjustable T-Bar  

  • Quick, Simple Height Adjustment to cater for growing kids 

Rear Brake

  • Textured covered brake cover for Safety & preserving life of the rear wheel 

Handle Grips

  • Durable, Ergonomic Hand Grips for Safety & Comfort

ProteXion Tri-Pack 

  • Comes with Knee, Wrist & Elbow Pads


  • Two iLLUMIN8 LED Light Up Wheels
  • Height Adjustable T-Bar with Safety Hand Grips 
  • Variable Turn Control 
  • Steel Reinforced Deck 
  • Low and Wide Deck offers Stability for Beginners 
  • Includes ProteXion Safety Tri-Pack including Knee, Wrist & Elbow Guards

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