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INSTOCK! ATOM Viper Nylon Plate

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ATOM Pliot Viper Plate Lightweight and strong Zytel Nylon with 16 degree action!

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ATOM Pliot Viper Nylon Plate


  • 16 Degree Truck Angle
  • Reinforced Zytel Nylon Baseplate (Black or Silver)
  • One-Piece Cast Trucks
  • Steel King Pin
  • Nyloc King Pin Nuts
  • 8mm Axles 
  • Rubber Cushions
  • Bionic XS Stoppers included!
  • Comes complete as a pair of 2 plates

ATOM Pliot Viper Nylon Plate Size Chart:

ATOM Viper Olate Size Chart

Mounting tips:

• Traditional mount select on size longer (1/4” longer), front axle is approximately ¼” in front of the ball of the foot, for more stability and power.

• Derby mount, front axle is under the ball of your foot for more agility.

* Weight is in grams. Doesn't include Stopper. Weight is for 1 single plate, (half pair).


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