Roll-Line MATRIX Steel Professional Skate Plates

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Roll-Line MATRIX Super Professional Skate Plates: the lightest plate in the world featuring a lower center of gravity!
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The Roll-Line Matrix is the lightest skate plate in the world and represents a major turning point in skating technology. It has a reduced height from the skating surface which gives a lower center of gravity that guarantees the ultimate in maneuverability and absolute incredible stability. Featuring 7mm axles made from the strongest and lightest titanium alloy available, ultra-lightweight construction and trucks with adjustable pivot pins. Provides the most sensitive control, the greatest and absolute fastest response available from any plate! The champagne-colour anodized Roll-Line Matrix is forged from a solid bar of Ergal Aluminum Alloy and is completely CNC machined. Ergal is one of the strongest and lightest aluminum alloys available and has a lower expansion coefficient and offers the best coiled-spring response. The Roll-Line modified reduced height 07 trucks with click action adjustment system provides optimum, accurate, and consistent action adjustments using the new 07 series, 13mm base king pins with adjustment click-nuts and locking screws. Choose standard or urethane suspensions, in your choice of hardness (extra hard not available: due to the lower center of gravity and shorter king pin, the Matrix requires more flexible cushions than used on most other Roll-Line skates). Choose from three available toe stops. Plates are sized according to wheelbase measurement (from centre of front axle to centre of rear axle) from 120mm to 210mm. If you aren't sure, please ask for advice on selecting the right size for your needs!

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