Roll-Line Ring Professional Skate Plates

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Roll-Line RING Professional Skate plate is The BEST for Extreme Deep and Controlled Edges, the preferred plate for Top Rhythm skaters!
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Roll-Line RING Professional

Suitable for: Experienced Rhythm skaters, that want to experience The Best extreme Deep and Controlled Edges! :D

The Roll-Line RING frame is the finest NTS Extreme Action Skate Frame available (THE Ideal Rhythm Skate!) It is engineered to be the ideal Rhythm and Recreational NTS Skate. The Roll-Line “RING Professional” has the BEST Extreme Deep and Controlled Edges, providing quick changes of directions and edges. If you need a toestop or dance plug, choose the Roll-Line DANCE which is the exact same plate but includes toe stops.

Technical Specifications:
• Utilizes a Wider Angle Steering Mechanism to help create those wonderful deep and controlled edges
• The Ring has an ultra-lightweight structure and is forged from a solid bar of Ergal Aluminum Alloy (the same material as the Dance, Evo, Matrix, and Energy) then completely and beautifully CNC machined. Ergal is one of the Strongest and Lightest Aluminum Alloys available and has a lower expansion coefficient and offers the best coiled-spring response.
• 7mm hardened heat treated steel axles (Note the Ring plate is only available in 7mm axles)
• Adjustable steel pivot pins
• NTS (No Toe Stop)

Roll-Line Click Action Adjustment System provides accurate and consistent Action adjustments using the 04 series, 13mm base King Pins with Adjustment Click Nuts and Locking Screws
• Comes with the Roll-Line standard set of wrenches

Toe Stop Options:
• Seven toe stop options available – Standard Grey metric thread toe stops are included, or Choose MIni Dance Plugs OR upgrade to other Professional Roll-Line stoppers, AND Derby stoppers, available in the Pull-Down menu

Cushion Options:
• Choose Standard (Factory Installed Rubber), OR upgrade to your Choice of rubber or urethane suspensions, in a specific hardness.

Choosing a Size:
• Plates are sized according to wheelbase measurement (from centre of front axle to centre of rear axle) from 90mm to 190mm. If you aren't sure, please ask for advice on selecting the right size for your needs!

Manufacturer's Recommended Plate Sizes:

Plate Size EURO Size US Mens Size US Ladies Size EDEA Boot Size Overall Frame Length
(Centre Axle to Axle Centimeters)
(Centre Axle to Axle Inches)
120 34-34.5 J2.5-3 J3-3.5  225-230 20.9 12.0 4-11/16"
130 35-36 J3.5-4.5 4-5  235-240 21.9 13.0 5-1/8"
140 37-37.5 5-5.5 5.5-6  245-250 22.8 14.0 5-1/2"
150 38-39 6-7 6.5-7.5  255-260 24.0 15.0 5-7/8"
160 40-40.5 7.5-8 8-8.5  265-270 24.9 16.0 6-5/16"
170 41-42.5 8.5-9.5 9-10  275-285 25.9 17.0 6-11/16"
180 43-44 10-11 10.5-11.5  290-295 26.9 18.0 7-1/8"
190 45-47 11.5-13 12-13.5  300-310 27.9 19.0 7-1/2"

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