Sure-Grip AVENGER White Magnesium DA45 Plate

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AVENGER White DA45 Plate with Double-Action 45 degree trucks 25% lighter than Invader!
Plate Size

The Avenger is a light weight magnesium skate plate that utilizes the 45 degree kingpin design that Sure-Grip pioneered more than 20 years ago. Super agile, super light…..Super plate. Avenger is 25% lighter than the standard Invader!
Features: Hollowed Kingpins 30% lighter than a traditional kingpin using hardened prime grade steel. Hollowed out center section to save weight. Along with the hollow center the height is raised to increase the rigidity length wise. Shortened front end: For those who want to get aggressive with their short forward mounts can now do so with plenty of room to spare so the plate will not hang over the front of your boot. The Avenger is optimized for the short forward set up but a standard mount is still possible. All the superior track hugging agility you have come to expect from the DA45 action in a new lightweight skate. Comes with Double action 45 degree action aluminum trucks with 8mm axles and 5/8" toestops. If you're not sure which size to order please send a note and we will recommend the best plate size for your needs, whether a regular mount or short forward mount.

• Manufacturer's Recommended Plate Sizes for short forward mount:

Plate Size Ladies Boot Size Mens Boot Size WheelBase
(Centre Axle to Axle)
0 5 4 5.11"
1 6-7 5-6 5.51"
2 8 7 5.90"
3 9-10 8-9 6.29"
4 11-12 10-11 6.69"
5 13-14 12-13 7.08"
6 15 14 7.48"

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