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Elephant Wrench

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Great multi-purpose tool for many common rink skates – adjusts all the newer style standard reverse kingpins as well as the Older style kingpins that need that thin open end 11/16" wrench!

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Patented Elephant 4-Way wrench. Has 1/2" socket (standard for wheel nuts) + 9/16" socket (standard for Kingpin locknut or Kingpin top bolt) + THIN lock-nut wrench 11/16" for those older style roller skate kingpin action nuts (like Dominion aluminum or Sure-Grip Century) + a small slot screwdriver head for tightening or changing (Non-Adjustable) Standard 5/16" screw toestops. Great multi-purpose tool adjusts the newer style reverse kingpins as well as the Older style kingpins – Very Handy pocket Rink tool – for you and your friends that might have different style truck actions!


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Elephant Wrench

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