INSTOCK! ANABOLIX REIGN Series Solid Aluminum Hubs 8-Packs

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ANABOLIX REIGN Speed Wheels are made with the iconic Vanguard Urethane – the Go-To Speed wheel for Quality and Speed without sacrificing Grip!
Wheel Hardness

ANABOLIX REIGN Series Premium Wheels with Aluminum Hubs! ANABOLIX is a small family skate business that is revitalizing the iconic VANGUARD FANJET urethanes from back in the day! The ANABOLIX REIGN Series comes complete with a permanent Solid Aluminum Hub Laser-Etched with branding. Aluminum hubbed wheels are the best to hold a 'True Roll' - no flex in the wheel to lose performance, so you get top end speed all the time!

Available in:
• Citrine Dayglo (Orange) 93A
• Canary Dayglo (Bright Yellow) 95A
• Pearl (Natural) 96A
• Tourmaline (Pink) 96A
• Ruby Dayglo (Bright Red) 97A
• Sapphire (Blue) 98A
• Amethyst (Purple) 99A
• Emerald Dayglo (Green) 101A

ANABOLIX Wheels made with the iconic reissued Vanguard urethane is the Go-To speed wheel for Quality and Speed without sacrificing Grip!

• ANABOLIX REIGN Series in eight hardnesses/colours made from the iconic VANGUARD original formula urethanes - Made in U.S.A.!
• Permanent Solid Aluminum Hubs with laser-etched branding
• Full Width Speed Wheels - 62mm x 42mm

• • Order your bearings at the same time as the wheels, and get FREE professional bearing installation!

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