INSTOCK! ATOM Pulse Outdoor Wheels 8-Pack+ MINI-LOGO Bearings Installed!

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ATOM Pulse Outdoor 8-Pack with MINI-LOGO Bearings professionally pre-installed!
Add a BIONIC SkateTool

ATOM Pulse Outdoor Wheels
Whether you're a derby skater looking for some road work, or a recreational outdoor skater looking to hit the paved trails, Atom's Pulse is your wheel! One of the Best quality urethane outdoor wheels available - Made in U.S.A.! 8-Packs available in Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Purple and Black. Comes with MINI-LOGO Bearings (pre-lubricated with BONES Speed Cream®) professionally pre-installed!

Purpose: Outdoor/Recreational
Size: 65mm
Width: 37mm
Hardness: 78A
Surfaces: Sidewalk/Boardwalk


ADD A Bionic SkateTool for only $10 and simply remove your wheel nuts with the tool, pop off the old wheels, pop on your new wheels pre-installed with beaings, and tighten the nuts back on (with a little bit of loose play before over-tight) and you're Ready to ROLL!!

Always use caution when skating outdoors – and Always use Safety equipment and follow your local municipal bylaws!

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