INSTOCK! CRAZY Control Derby Wheels 8-Packs

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CRAZY Control: RWD, PLAY AND FFWD in 8-Packs!

CRAZY Control Derby Wheels! 
CRAZY Control wheels are very high performance Cast White Poly-Urethane wheels, with a large profile green Delrin Hub, and are quality made in the USA. CRAZY REWIND, PLAY, and FAST FORWARD wheels are specifically formulated for the varying Skating Surfaces for Roller Derby, and Rec Skaters love them too! The wheels have a very good amount of roll due to the large profile Hub, just the right amount of Rebound to provide that grippy-springy feeling, and yet grip hard, based on the durometer and weight of the skater. Sold in 8-packs - please specify in the notes section at checkout if you want to mix 4 and 4 of 2 different harnesses.

CRAZY REWIND XXX - 90A - Grippiest
CRAZY PLAY XX - 93A - Good Balance of Grip and Speed
CRAZY FAST FORWARD X - 96A - Hardest, Fastest!

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