The EDEA Rondo Roller skate boot is a great Intro for the Competitive Roller Skater doing Single Jumps. Medium Rigid Support Rated 35.

EDEA Rondo Boots
The Rondo boot is a combination of lightweight design and EDEA technology. It offers great support and flexibility for skaters who are looking to develop and are performing basic skills single jumps and axels. Inspired by our passion for skating, the Rondo benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots.

EDEA Rondo Boots Overview:
• Intro Competitive Roller Skater doing Single Jumps - Medium Rigid Support Rated 35
Ladies Sizes (Ivory): 195 through 280 in 5mm increments
Mens Sizes (Black): 195 through 310 in 5mm increments
• Please reference the Sizing Chart for conversion from US and Euro sizes.
Colors: Ivory and Black
Type of Skating: Lower Level FreeStyle, possibly used as a Dance Skate also or when one Skate is used for all events as the Intro Competitive Level.
Training Level: Lower Level Dance and Single and Double Jumps (a good option for lower level Skaters, in EDEA you cannot “OverBoot” a Skater)
Training Hours: 10 to 12 Hours per week
Comfort Level: Very Comfortable Lower Level Intro Competitive Skate, Feels like a Traditional Skate

1. To determine your size, first make a tracing of your foot according to the instructions Here.
2. Refer to the Comparative Sizing Chart for Fitting EDEA Boots Here.
3. As a general Rule of Thumb, your EDEA boot size will be approximately 10mm (one full size) larger than your actual foot measurement.
4. Email your findings to: CustomerService@RollerSkatin.ca so we can confirm your size selection and help to assure you order the correct size prior to ordering.
NOTE: If you are certain of your size, from other fittings or previous EDEA boots, and don't wish any further sizing advice please indicate so in the NOTES section at Checkout :D

Refer to this Chart for a General Sizing Comparison:

EURO Size US Mens Size US Ladies Size EDEA Boot Size
27-28  J9-11 J11-12 185-190
29-31.5 J12-1  J13-1.5 195-210
32-33 J1.5-2 J2-2.5  215-220
34-34.5 J2.5-3  J3-3.5  225-230
35-36 J3.5-4.5 4-5 235-240
37-37.5 5-5.5  5.5-6  245-250
38-39  6-7  6.5-7.5  255-260
40-40.5 7.5-8  8-8.5  265-270
41-42.5  8.5-9.5 9-10  275-285
43-44 10-11 10.5-11.5  290-295
45-47 11.5-13 12-13.5  300-310


Monday, 17 February 2020

Absolutely love these boots! Break in was quick, and they fit love a glove! Most comfy boots I’ve ever owned!


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